Our Vision

Designed to instil a sense of luxury, joy and confidence, Eastend Wardrobe hosts a collection of designer clothing and accessories to hire, that make high end fashion labels accessible to all. Located in the heart of Newcastle, Eastend Wardrobe’s brick and mortar store provides a unique shopping experience where people can indulge in a personal styling session to help find the perfect item for your next special event.

The retail space was curated with circular and sustainable fashion at the forefront and provides a service for people to lease their own designer garments in store. Eastend Wardrobe is inspired by the desire to make people feel confident in unique, quality, designer garments that can be worn and enjoyed by many.





Our Story

Eastend Wardrobe was founded by Bronte Annis-Brown in 2022. Bronte had only ever dreamed of the possibility of working in fashion when the idea first came to mind.

Not wanting to leave the beautiful, coastal town of Newcastle, and already having studied a Bachelor of Secondary PDHPE Teaching, a career in fashion seemed like a world away.

Bronte and her sister would always be the ones in the group lending clothes to friends and she was ashamedly guilty of having a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes that hardly ever got worn. Over the years she became more environmentally mindful and started making the conscious decision to avoid fast fashion and instead look for quality timeless pieces that would survive more than one wash cycle.

Not surprisingly, this led to a taste for expensive, luxury brands. Unfortunately for Bronte, she did not have the bank account to match, so renting designer clothes for special events became a regular occurrence. Bronte noticed how renting had become increasingly popular, however still thought the online options lacked something personal.

That’s when the idea of starting Eastend Wardrobe came to fruition – with a brick-and-mortar store to provide people with that same personal shopping and styling experience.

Bronte wants to provide people with not just dresses, but funky pants, blazers, jumpsuits and accessories which reflect their personal style and make them feel their most confident. She hopes that Eastend Wardrobe is a welcoming place where people can have fun styling and expressing themselves in beautiful, quality designer fashion.